Wire Tensioner / Wire Strainer

Our patented wire tensioner is a breakthrough for fencing and wire straining in general.



While the tensioner can be applied and tightened using standard tools, for large applications we have a custom designed handle that makes application even quicker and easier.

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The tensioners/strainers are now in use in over 80 kiwi fruit orchards and vineyards with over 100,000 installed.


Ways to tighten your tensioner (see the video on our home page)



Wire Tensioner Handle

Custom designed handle to fit the Wire Tensioner to make the job even easier!





Special fitting for a standard half inch drive socket wrench

This special tool attaches to the extension on a standard socket wrench and
is a more compact and easier to carry handle



Use a standard Crescent

You can use a standard crescent as shown in the photo   

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IMG_1439.jpgwire strainer.jpg




How to use

See the video on our home page

IMPORTANT:  Always use appropriate personal protection equipment and do not over tighten fence wire.



Joining two wires